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Ÿ Positive behaviour management

Ÿ Promoting positive play

Ÿ Raised status & esteem of staff

Ÿ Positive reward systems

Ÿ Better relationships

Ÿ Inclusive play for isolated children

Ÿ Far fewer problems for teachers at the end of lunch

Ÿ Reduced conflict

Ÿ Improved organisation

Ÿ Consistent expectations

Ÿ Happier staff & pupils

Ÿ Evidence your impact

Ÿ Improved wet-play

Positive appreciation from parents

Plus your goals for your school

Training & Outcomes: About
Funny little kid boy flying in universe


Involves Leadership, Lunchtime Staff, and Pupils

Consultation with head/deputy/SLT

Whole-school launch assembly

Morning training with midday team

Work with school council

Live demonstration of effective ideas during lunchtime

Afternoon training with midday team

After school consultation with head/deputy/SLT

Leading to...

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The Happy Lunchtimes Award

Training & Outcomes: About Me
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