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Keeping it simple.


I work throughout England and Wales. 

Simple travel costs, if applicable, are listed at the bottom of this page.

Many schools use sports premium towards the cost.

Increased activity (especially amongst less sporty pupils) is a key outcome.


-Pre visit consultation by phone or online

-Work with SLT, school council, whole school assembly & all lunchtime staff

-Live demonstration with the whole school during lunchtime

-All outcomes listed on the Training and Outcomes page

-Printed resources for every team member including 80+ games and activities booklet

-Behaviour guidance for every team member

-Leadership guides to every aspect of implementation

-Pupil survey for use pre and post visit to help identify outcomes for leadership, governors, inspectors & staff.

-Bespoke post visit notes and recommendations

-Any post-visit consultation & support as required

​*Simple travel costs, if applicable, can be seen on the map at the bottom of this page.*

Booking and Cost: Welcome


Thanks. I'll be in touch soon.

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Booking and Cost: Contact
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Simple Travel Costs

The Happy Lunchtimes Award

Green Zone : No travel costs

Yellow Zone : £95 additional cost

Rest of UK : £195 additional cost

If you are unsure of which zone you are in call me on 07897 946231 or get in touch using the form above with your school name and postcode.

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