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Steve Harris was a teacher and senior advisor who founded Wellbeing Education in 2011.

He supports schools on all the thrilling bits of education.

Steve speaks at conferences, leads INSET and runs networks of school staff. He works directly with individual schools, and in partnership with MATs, Local Authorities, Sports Partnerships, Teaching School Alliances and other groups.

Steve has travelled the country sharing his Happy Lunchtimes work with over 400 schools.  The Happy Lunchtimes Award takes place one school at a time (to make it truly bespoke)

Steve has written a number of pieces for the TES found here.

Steve is the architect and delivery lead of the Route to Resilience Programme, which has been highly successful in promoting character and resilience in over 300 schools on behalf of public health in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. 

Steve works throughout the UK on character, resilience, motivation for learning, staff wellbeing, metacognition, behaviour for learning and more.

Visit to find the latest on all the above from the DfE, OFSTED and the EEF (alongside heaps of positive feedback about this work.)

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